Haifuxing Product Introduction 2017-10-11

TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastome) material is a kind of natural latex and the environmental protection material, hemp, recyclable, reusable, abandoned after not cause environmental pollution, the material TPE yoga mat mainly has good elasticity, prevent slippery effect is good, good toughness, strong surface tension characteristics. TPE yoga mat has an insuperable advantage compared with PVC material yoga mat (1) Wholesale Eco Friendly Yoga Mats manufacturing: non-toxic, non-pvc, non-metallic elements, and no pungent taste.(2) natural oxidation cracking, which can be recycled and avoid environmental pollution.(3) soft, sticky to ground, flat on the floor, the whole cushion will stick to the ground and hold the ground.(4) light weight, each cushion about 900 grams weight, about 300 grams lighter than PVC foam cushion, easy to carry and keep (5) waterproof anti-slip yoga mats, even if the foot palm and hand palm sweat, do yoga practice on it, anti-slip effect still excellent. On the front and back side can have many different textures, thus keep various nice patterns make obtain anti - slip particles, perfect performance on anti-slip (6) Resilient is strong. Although the thickness is 6-8mm, with amazing flexibility, when practice exercise on the mats, it’s soft and very comfortable, it won't feel thin at all. It will not harden after long time. (7) Double layer for one mats, different colors matching, increase the appearance.

The yoga brick is an auxiliary tool for beginners and flexible people to help adjust the posture and assist the body to achieve some movements. Yoga brick can help us to support different parts of the body, to avoid the beginner or muscle strength is not enough because of my poor flexibility and cause tension in the rest of the body (if you don't have a yoga brick thicker books can also be used to replace). The yoga brick is the aid of the yoga movement.The main thing is to prevent from doing high difficulty to pull the wound. Some movements in the yoga pose require full extension of the arm or lower back to the ground. The EVA Yoga Brick can help you to stretch the pelvis, and then slowly adjust the distance between the yoga brick and the ground, and gradually complete the perfect movement of self-softness, extension and so on. When doing some school yoga moves, use yoga bricks to help with absolute standards of action. In the yoga postures, some movements require a full stretch of the arm or a lower back to touch the ground. The yoga brick helps stretch the bones. The hand can hold onto the block of yoga when the hand touches the ground like a triangle. In the movement of the back bending of the spine, the body can be supported by the bricks of yoga, which can reduce the probability of injury. On the basis of safety, each action can be placed in place to strengthen the effect of body sculpting. Or you can borrow the help of a yoga brick in the heroic posture of sitting, in Vizilla Asana sitting position, if the instep is not soft enough to complete correctly.

Exercise ball also called a PVC Fitness Ball or a yoga ball. It is a kind of ball sport tool which is combined with exercise. Material is made of soft PVC materials more, when the body contact with internal inflatable fitness club evenly touch contact parts of the body to produce the massage effect, will promote the blood circulation. Yoga ball action choreography is in view of the abdomen, back, waist and other major parts, practice to cooperate with slow, rhythmic breathing for stretching, squeezing action, such as effective massage muscles, relax, the effect of fat consumption, as well as a focus ability, reduce stress, enhance the legs, and spine of endurance. Practitioners should cooperate with slow breathing when do the action, stretching, squeezing and soft movement, the muscle to obtain effective massage, relaxation, energy consumption, so won't produce fatigue after exercise. Using ball colors bright-colored and lively, elastic, rolling freely, in the process of dancing with the ball, with the melodious music, listening to the sound of his body, and the joy of the game of yoga ball, can dispel the fatigue of a day. The highest state of the yoga ball is the integration of the human and the ball into the full contact between the human body and the sphere. Instead of combining yoga with yoga, yoga balls are introduced into a new form of yoga that combines yoga with the development of traditional yoga. There are a lot of people practicing yoga now, and each person is different in age, and the intensity and manner of exercise varies from one nature to another.The traditional yoga stretch is not in place or too hard, it is easy to cause injury to soft tissue and bone joint. Yoga accessories such as yoga towel, yoga block, yoga mats, yoga belt, yoga ball, etc. Among them, the yoga ball is a special tool: it combines elasticity and rolling with the whole body, which then bounces off a part of the force without being injured.It, also includes the stretching, strength, endurance and yoga mechanism of yoga. It does not require special market place, easy to learn, and more suitable for the physical exercise of all kinds of people. It's an effective and fun way to do yoga. It has become a very popular new fashion movement in the world.


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