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  • Yoga Mats
    Padded Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 2mm Organic

    2mm (rubber PU) mat is manufacture by Shenzhen HFX rubber goods company which in this line for 10 years. Our Yoga mat is featured its top quality with low price, excellent cushioning, high elasticity and resilience..

  • Yoga Mats
    Custom Suede Fabric Rubber Yoga Mat Factory

    Special designed texture provides the best non-slip effect. The natural rubber base gives the best yoga cushioning.

  • Yoga Ball, Yoga Ball Supplier, Yoga Ball Factory, Yoga Ball Manufacturer
    Custom Yoga Ball Supplier

    Custom yoga ball provides one of the fine and smooth surfaces available to any yoga practitioner, With eco-friendly non-toxic material, makes it healthy and environmental.

  • nbr yoga mat, yoga mat nbr
    Wholesale Extra Thick Black Yoga Mat NBR

    NBR yoga mat: 1)NBR Yoga Mat is a strong, resilient, and durable yoga mat designed for yoga, Pilates, or other general fitness exercises 2)NBR Yoga MAT Provides Excellent Durability, Perfect balance and comfort 3. We accept low MOQ for wholesale yoga1

  • How Do Beginners Do Yoga

    Yoga is a combination of physical and mental exercise. Many of the actions look simple, but to achieve a good shaping effect, you needs to pay attention to a lot of things. Now let's see what beginners need to pay attention to in yoga. 1. From the perspective of physical exercise, exercise every day is the best. If the job is busy, you also should practice at least twice a week, every time between 1 ~ 2 hours, so as to ensure exercise effect. If practicing at home, at least in more than 30 minutes. If you don't have enough time, you can practice pranayama and meditation for more than ten minutes. 2. Wear loose, sweat-absorbing, breathable cotton or linen clothing to complete some reversal actions. Pants should be lace-up, not elastic. Now more popular cotton and lycra texture of clothing, is also a better choice. 3. There is no need to wear shoes in yoga. Barefoot can relax the legs on one hand, enhance the perception of the feet, massage and squeeze the acupoints on the foot. On the other hand, the friction between the feet and the ground makes it easy to complete yoga postures, especially balance exercises. 4. Early in the morning or before breakfast is the best time to practice yoga, the second is in the evening or after meal 3-4 hours practice. Other time can also be used to, but to keep on an empty stomach or after fully digest (digestive food). As for meditation, can choose to practice in the middle of the night or 4 o 'clock in the morning If you don't have a period of time to practice, also can pass the exercise is divided into sections and even more than ten, five minutes can practice one or two yoga postures or pranayama: meditation, so the end of the day also is equivalent to a yoga class. 5. Many positions squeeze the stomach during practice, and eating can lead to dizziness, nausea and even vomiting. In addition, the body's blood is concentrated in local muscles or organs during exercise, which can affect the digestion and absorption of food and increase the burden on the heart. If you feel hungry, eat a small amount of digestible food 1-2 hours before your workout to ease your hunger. 6. Yoga postures are easier to practice after a bath. After practicing yoga postures, your body will become sticky due to sweat, so it is best to take a bath after 15 minutes. Bathing before and after a yoga pose can boost your spirit and body.

  • How Do Yoga Beginners Choose Yoga Mats

    As a beginner, the most important thing is to establish a scientific and correct concept of yoga so as to avoid physical injury.From this point of view, it is important to choose TPE Yoga Mats: Thickness. Many people think the thicker the better. Actually it's wrong. Too thick mats is not good for practice balance postures. We suggest the thickness of beginners isn't more than 10 mm thick. Of course it depends on the material of Rubber Cork Yoga Mats and degrees, as TPE is suited to 8 mm, 10 mm, but natural rubber material, combined with high density technology, around 4 mm is suitable when. Position line. Beginner must avoid injury. The position line adopts the combination of scientific and correct concept of yoga, which can be a very good assist for beginners to practice precise yoga postures, in the long run, to form a good habit of yoga and lay a solid foundation for yoga later. Height. Choose wide and long Anti-skid Yoga Mat is very comfortable and convenient, but if you choose to have the position line with auxiliary function  is about to choose to suit your height size. Because of special nature of yoga, everyone's body structure is different, it is very necessary to pay attention to. Anti-skid. One of the most important aspects of yoga practice is the stability of the body, so the mat's anti-skid system must be considered. Our HFX Company  is in yoga fitness line for 11 years, We supply whole yoga products with the best quality and the lowest price. OEM and ODM is also available. Welcome to cooperation.

  • South Africa Customer of Canton Fair Visit on July 9, 2018

    South Africa Customer of Canton Fair Visit on July 9, 2018 Zelda, the Canton Fair customer from South Africa, came to visit Shenzhen Haifuxing Technology Co.,Ltd. at 9:00am, on Monday, July 9, 2018. Jenny and the driver Tom drove to meet him at the Shangri-La Hotel, Futian District, Shenzhen. When they met, they were pretty jovial with a big hug. After they returned our company, our manager Mandy steeped the tea and had a pleasant chat about yoga mat with them. During the meeting, Mandy introduced our company and yoga fitness products, such as our PU rubber yoga mats, cork rubber yoga mats, suede fabric rubber yoga mats, TPE yoga mats, yoga blocks and yoga wheel. Zelda was particularly fond of the PU rubber yoga mats. Then we led him to our rubber yoga mat factory. Mandy explained the process of rubber foaming when our customer watched it. Finally Zelda watched his sample making process on the spot until it’s finished. When he got the sample, he highly praised the quality of our product and confirmed the wholesale order immediately. About our PU rubber yoga mats: 1. Eco-friendly material and craft. Natural foam rubber as material and go through a series process to produce the foam rubber mat. Non PVC, 6P Free, environmental Yoga mat, Protect our body and our earth 2. Good Elasticity and Fast Springback. Even a thin mat could protect our body when do Yoga 3. Soft and confortable. Very good at anti slip. Good at sweat Absorption, flash drying 4. The mat will not out of shape, the color will keep well 5. Easy clean, Use wet fabric to wipe it or machine washable The joyous time always goes fast. We drove Zelda back to the Shangri-La Hotel at last. Shenzhen Haifuxing Technology CO., LTD. has been focusing on the r&d and production of yoga fitness products for more than 12 years and has become the professional manufacturer in China. Obtaining more information please refer to

  • Russian customers visit on April 2018 for Yoga mats

    Russian customers visit on April 2018 for Yoga mats At 2:00pm, on Thusday, April 26th 2018, 3 customers from Russia came to visit Shenzhen Haifuxing Co., Ltd. Mandy and the foreign trade department warmly welcomed them at the office. Our manager Mandy introduced them to our new product in details with great patience and we showed some new products finished recently. For our PU rubber yoga mats, cork rubber yoga mats, suede fabric rubber yoga mats, TPE yoga mats, yoga blocks and yoga wheel, our customers are interested in cork rubber yoga mats, PU rubber yoga mats and suede fabric rubber yoga mats. One customer tested our cork rubber yoga mat on the spot and experienced its effects, and did a waterproof test. Of course, the effect of the test is quite satisfactory to the customers. About our cork rubber yoga mats 1. 100% natural rubber and eco-friendly cork, light weight and portable, superior cushioning is the ideal balance for comfort and support. customized brand logo are realizable. 2. Non-slip cork provides amazing grip even during the sweatiest hot yoga. No need for a towel! Waterproof. 3. Cork surface is naturally anti-mircrobal, killing bacteria, mold and odors. No trees are harmed in the production of cork. 4. Backed with extra-firm recycled rubber material. No rubber smell, lays flat and won't slide. 5. 4MM, 5MM in thickness in general, but any customized thickness are welcomed and realizable. The happy time always goes fast, and the exchanges with the three guests are quite smooth. We look forward to continuing cooperation with them and look forward to seeing them again. Shenzhen Haifuxing Technology CO., LTD. has been focusing on the r&d and production of yoga fitness products for more than 12 years and has become the professional manufacturer in China. Obtaining more information please refer to

  • The PAHs Certificate of Natural Cork Rubber Yoga Mat by SGS

    The PAHs Certificate of Natural Cork Rubber Yoga Mat by SGS Our Shenzhen Haifuxing technology Co., Ltd. commissioned SGS to test our natural cork rubber yoga mat and successfully passed the Cadmium and its compounds, Organotin compounds,Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and  Phthalate testing. This test report is of great help to our exports. We believe that we can provide better and more convenient services for buyers in various countries. We look forward to continuing our friendly cooperation with you. For the results of our haifuxing natural cork rubber yoga mat testing, our shenzhen haifuxing company will continue to adhere to the spirit of craftsmen and continue to bring good quality products to everyone who interested in our products. We hope to bring good economic benefits to our company, and it can also contribute to our society and our natural environment. Related reading:Wholesale Yoga Mats,Natural Cork Yoga Mat,Yoga Wheel Suppliers.

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