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Outdoor yoga: feel the supreme state of nature



Outdoor yoga: feel the supreme state of nature

Today, yoga has become the first choice for many fashionable women. In some fitness clubs, you can see many members change loose and comfortable yoga clothes, do actions coach in yoga hall, through every movement, fully experience the pleasure of yoga. But there is no way to forget that a few years ago, when I saw an elegant Indian woman on TV, she was so pliable that she felt like a ribbon, and that was the feeling of doing yoga. Want to go outside to do yoga? Shenzhen haifuxing  technology co., LTD. The main yoga all series products: yoga MATS, yoga bricks, yoga ball, and other products, Lets allmemerber of factory can more deep understanding of yoga, has hosted a grand outdoor yoga.

Feeling outdooer Yoga

People are becoming more and more enthusiastic about yoga, but it is difficult for many practitioners to realize the desire to practice outside. Today, we have an outdoor yoga festival organized by Shenzhen Haifuxing technology co.,ltd .Many member come to the event early. The spacious outdoor balcony, covered with green silk carpet, and the distance of the blue sky so close, let a person seem to be in a green grassland.

At the opening of the outdoor yoga festival, yoga teachers show the classic movements of yoga. Seeing such a gentle and harmonious yoga, all the staff in the stage responded with warm applause and sat on the mat.

After the performance session, enter the formal practice. It is late afternoon, looking up, a fresh and fresh last quarter moon appears in the night sky, the mood suddenly clean a lot. The soft music starts, and all the members follow the instructions of the coach, five minutes of quiet time, so that the coach will soon join the instructor. For the first time in an outdoor exercise, a lot of employees are newly added, and the coach has taught some simple yoga basic movements. For those who have yoga experience, it's easy to do, but it's also difficult for people who haven't been to yoga. The coach shuttled between the students, directing the movements.

Outdoor yoga is far from being noisy

Why do you want to hold a yoga session like this? We are very interesting this topic, let’s to listening the general manager Mr. Mi of Shenzhen Haifuxing technology co.,ltd ,how to answer ? :

because, modern people's work and life pressure is big, our company a lot of people will choose to go to the gym and do yoga, but yoga though quiet indoors, practitioners can also through meditation experience the charm of yoga, but lost the blue sky white clouds, the wind and green grass, after all, the artistic conception. On the grass after the drizzle, the butterflies flutter and dance at the foot of the mountain, and under the starry sky, it is a perfect place to practice yoga. A soft cushion, accompanied by soft music, stretching, twisting and breathing, will integrate itself thoroughly into nature. Stay outdoors, stay away from the noise and feel free to use yoga to spread your body and make life and work stressful and stressful.

Yoga can cultivate the body, reduce the psychological pressure, can also play the role of weight loss, stress the body and mind, emphasize the balance between the body and the mind. The supreme state is the unity of heaven and man, which is a pleasant and vexing one. In addition, yoga can also beauty regimen, rectify everyday tired or spinal deformation caused by poor posture, improve bad posture, enhance self-confidence, stretching muscle system, make human body line is beautiful, and have effect reducing weight, also can prevent headaches, insomnia, constipation, gastroenteritis, arthritis and other diseases. But beginners yoga, must first learn to use the way of yoga breathing, summon the belly inspiratory, contractive abdomen expiratory, heartily and keeping, through gentle slow deep breathing, to body and mind relax tension. Of course, practice yoga, sometimes with the action, hold your breath for a few seconds.

Outdoor practice notes

In ontrast to indoor practice, it is important to pay attention to the problems of practicing yoga outdoors. Once you have overcome these problems, you will be able to achieve the effect of the unity of nature and nature.

The first thing to notice is the mindfulness practice, which is not interfered with by the outside world. Even flying birds or sudden noise can't interrupt your practice. In addition, compared to indoor, outdoor air circulation is very good, so the practitioner should be good to follow the coach's instruction to adjust the breathing, to improve the training effect. In practice time, it is best to choose the evening, because this is the best time of the day, many people think the morning air is fresh, in fact it is wrong understanding. And in the morning, the body is still asleep and exercising, which can only reach 80 percent of the evening. And in the evening, the human body is in a state of arousal, and from a scientific exercise perspective, this is the optimal time period. Of course, because it is summer, the exerciser should apply sunscreen and anti-mosquito protection on the exposed part of the body, so that you can safely enter the yoga world.


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