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The 8 ways to teach you how to use yoga bricks



Yoga brick is a portable, inexpensive, but very good yoga aid.It can assist yoga practice and make it easier for the practitioner to achieve the corresponding style, thus enjoying the practice.Yoga bricks can assist any yoga poses, and the following eight types of yoga bricks are used in a way that is just a bit of a brick, and you can draw inspiration from it and make it more useful.

1. Lie down and open your chest

This style is great for starting or ending yoga exercises.For sedentary people who stay in front of the computer all day, they can effectively open their chest, relax their shoulders and correct their hunchbacks.

How to use:

• as you can see, you need two blocks of yoga, but the head support can also be replaced with other item

• put the level of your yoga brick below your back (or vertical), probably the location of your bra straps (if you're a guy, imagine yourself).

• put your head on a yoga brick, or a pillow, or other support

• double shoulders completely relaxed downward, palms up

• legs can be relaxed and straight, and can also be in a beam-style (two-legged heart, opposite knee)

• enjoy the pose and keep it as long as you like

2. Downward dog type

It's a basic yoga style, and any style of yoga will teach and practice this style.If you're worried about putting your hands together, the yoga brick will help you

How to use :

. Put the level of yr yoga brick horizontally between your hands (yoga brick also rely on the wall )

.The Thumb and index finger are arranged in twl L shapes according to the shape of the block .

.Normal practice of dog type ,but pay attention to stick tightly to the yoga brick do not leave .

3. Heroic

Knee sensitive people may have difficulty in doing this pose, and a block of yoga underneath the buttocks can help reduce the pressure of the knee, help the spine to extend, and be very comfortable.

How to use

• start kneeling on the floo

• double knees together, feet apart, toes pointing back

• place your yoga brick under your hips and between your legs.You can choose horizontal, side or vertical position according to your height

• sit on a yoga brick, feel the back extension, and support the lower back with the core muscle group, then the neck elongation, lower jaw, smile

• this is a great way to practice meditation.If the practice is long, hands can be placed on the thighs

4.Strengthen side extension

the legs and buttocks.Yoga bricks can help you very well in practice.The key is to completely relax your head and neck and try to relax your legs and hips.

How to use:

• place your yoga brick in front of your front foot and adjust to the height you reach

• when practicing this pose, you can consider adjusting the yoga brick to a lower height and even remove it as the stretch deepens

• keep 5 to 10 breaths and try to keep the chest close to the front leg

5. Torsional triangulation

Practice trigonometry and twist triangulation, yoga brick is good assistant.The gergs may feel that they have been fully stretched, but sometimes yoga bricks can help us extend and open the body much more.

How to use

• place the yoga brick on the inside of the front foot and get a deeper stretch on the outside of the foot

• adjust the height of the yoga brick according to personal circumstances

Hand compacted yoga brick ,supporting the balance and stability of the body, to make a deeper twist

6. The haf moon style .

The half moon is a transitional form, which is common in flow yoga classes.Yoga bricks can be used to aid in this body type of practice, whether it's a yoga beginner or a skilled gal.

How to use

• adjust the height of the yoga brick according to your own situation

• the support hand should be 6 to 12 inches in front of the support leg, slightly to the side of the mat

• hold the yoga brick by hand, the other hand up, and the shoulders up.Note that the support arm is only a guiding force, not all of the weight in this han

• feel the stretch on both sides of your body and the hips rotate open

• the key to the half moon: the stronger the legs, the more active the leg muscles, the easier it is to balance and open the body

7.Stand on your forearm

The strength of the shoulders is very important to the person who wants to practice this style.The lack of shoulder strength can cause the body to lose balance and tilt, while keeping the body in a straight line is the key to all the inverted cubiform.So how do you keep the shoulder muscles active and keep your body upright?

How to use:

• put yoga bricks between your hands and start with the lower dog

The thumb and forefinger are placed in two l-shaped ,tightly pressed yoga blocks

• keep your hands close to the yoga brick while lifting your legs. This will help keep your elbows in and keep the shoulders muscles active to support your body

8. Supporting bridge type

This pose looks very relaxed, the bridge type + yoga brick is a paradise general enjoyment!

How to use:

• start the bridge properly: the heel points to the hip, hands on both sides of the body, palms facing up

• raise your hips and place the block of yoga in the right side of the sacrum (adjust the height of the brick according to your situation).

• keep your back and neck up and close your eyes

• keep your body open and relaxed

Yoga brick is a good friend of the gara forever. Now you know how to use this amazing yoga prop, and use it when practicing!


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