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Why do we need parent-child yoga exercise ?



Many mothers like to have some healthy physical activity with their babies, the hottest of which is parent-child yoga. However, most mothers do not know when it is the best time for parent-child yoga with their baby. In addition, parent-child yoga is what kind of action? What are the precautions? How to promote the feelings between the baby and yoga?

What is parent-child yoga ?

Unlike adult yoga, parent-child yoga is a yoga game that adults and babies play together and is more beneficial to your baby's growth. The best age for baby to learn yoga between the ages of 3 and 7, and is generally considered to be 3 to 12 years old when studying with a parent. When learning yoga, the baby and parents can learn from each other. And the baby will play a good memory advantage, in this form of cooperation between the two sides to promote the parent-child relationship between the baby and parents, making the baby and mom and dad get along more harmonious and harmonious.

The benefits of parenting yoga

Parent-child yoga is good for your baby's health

1. Sitting posture, standing posture

Due to academic needs, children often sit in front of the study desk, but most children's sitting posture is not correct. Baby due to age is relatively small, there is no health awareness, what they do are mainly based on their own comfort. We often see the baby has incorrect posture, stance, sleeping position and even walking posture is not correct. This kind of exercise is a kind of health activity carried out with the help of parents, which can help children to get rid of many problems.

2. improve physical function

Yoga can help your baby to sleep faster, improve sleep quality, and improve your baby's immune system and body functions. In addition, some of the parent-child yoga games can also exercise the balance of the baby. But also can promote the development of baby's digestive system function, can well prevent some common gastrointestinal diseases of children.

At the same time, yoga is also conducive to enhancing the baby's resistance, improve the baby often cold situation.

Parent-child yoga can make your baby more agile and agile

As a good physical activity, yoga can also improve children's coordination skills,adjust the balance of children, make your baby less harmed in the future exercise, so that the baby even more outstanding performance in sports.

Parent-child yoga features

1. Origin

The earliest from Western countries such as Europe and the United States into China, it was only a mother-child game in Western countries. The initial introduction of China was based in Shanghai as a pilot, with Shanghai as the central point spread, and then extended to the country. This is a fashionable product suitable for mother and child to learn together in modern society.

Music and the environment

Yoga music is soothing and beautiful, unlike heavy metal rock, the tone is soothing and lush, in this comfortable music, both the baby and mother can easily relax. Practice yoga in this environment is conducive to the emotional exchange of babies and mothers.

The benefits for the baby

Mom through this close contact and exchange to tap belong to the baby's own unique talent, find the baby's unlimited potential.

Parent-child yoga can effectively raise the tacit understanding between baby and mother, and promote the affection between mother and child. Can help the baby to form a good habit, quality and character, can exercise the baby's patience, and promote the coordinated development of all aspects of the baby, all-round progress.

The age  for the baby to practice parent-child yoga

Best age

In general, babies should practice parenting yoga until they reach at least one year of age. The necessary and sufficient condition for practicing the exercise is that the child's neck must have completed its development or the baby may be injured by such activity. Of course, if the baby's neck under the age of six has developed completely, the mother can also take her baby to practice parent-child yoga. Practice parenting yoga must be the baby's cooperation. Baby grow to a certain time will have their own ideas, the baby grows to one year old, there will be some of their own ideas, if at this time also depends on whether the baby is willing to cooperate with the mother movement.

The benefits to the baby

Before the age of twelve, children have not formed their own outlook on values of life. This stage is the best time to shape the baby's character. Yoga is a wonderful world of love. If time permits, mother can walk with the children in this door, so her future will be healthy, confident, cheerful and intelligent.

The precautions of practice parenting yoga

1. The ground has a certain degree of softness, you,d better have a TPE yoga mat.

2 Mothers do not move too intense, so as to avoid unnecessary harm to children.

3. Pay attention to the age of baby's parent-child yoga.

4. When the baby is sick, do not perform yoga exercises. In addition, the children whom neck is not fully developed  are not suitable for exercise.

5. The exercise should be fasting exercises, the mother can eat about 3 hours after the start of practice, the end of the practice can not be the second time within 40 minutes of eating. If you feel hungry before practice, you can eat some fluid or fruit in the first two hours.

6.Mothers in the practice of yoga, pay attention to their own clothing, it is best to have a dedicated yoga clothes, if not, the choice of clothing to have tight and larger elastic two characteristics. As for the baby's yoga clothing, unlike adults have too much stress. According to the characteristics of baby move, to try to choose loose style. In addition, we should pay attention to choose a soft cloth, so as not to damage the fabric so bad children's skin.

7. Yoga practice environment should be warm and comfortable, the surrounding environment should not be loud, and the interior must be well ventilated. Do not wear socks to your baby when doing related yoga activities, otherwise the baby's toes will not catch the ground, causing falls and causing unnecessary injuries. The best preparation for a Eco-friendly yoga mat, without this condition, directly to the baby to find a flat non-slip place just fine.


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